Interior Wall Coatings
Interior Wall Coatings provided by Berger Paints are used for protecting your house from inside and preventing the interior surfaces from getting moist, or contaminated with mold, mildew or pathogens. These coatings help in bringing brightness and giving glossy look to your house from inside.
Exterior Wall Coating
Berger presents high class Exterior Wall Coating for decorating the exterior masonry surfaces giving an attractive finish to building. This coating provides with a thick layer which covers each imperfections or scars on walls and gives a smooth finish yo further add value to your property.
We are here with a huge range of Undercoats of high quality used as a under coat paint before applying the final layer of paint. This type of paint helps in providing protection, smoothness and shining to walls, hiding form scratches, joints, stains, imperfections, etc.  
Enamel Paints
High class Enamel Paints are available in wide range which have a glossy texture, with outstanding washable and durable features. These paints are used for coating surfaces of bathroom and kitchen utilities, walls, doors, windows and many more.

Wall Waterproofing Solutions
Go through our wide ranges of high quality Wall Waterproofing Solutions which keep walls of your homes, offices safe from water leakage and moisture. These solutions act as a barrier to water, keeping your houses dry to maintain structural integrity and health.

Wood And Glass Finishes
To have unique and bright shades of interior and exterior glasses with changing light frequencies, glasses should be coated with paint. So, here we present you with high quality Wood and Glass Finish Paint for your glasses with matte and gloss finish.
Wood Coatings

To keep your wooden surfaces stain-free from oils, hot food, cold drinks and many more, we presents Berger Woodkeeper, a type of wood coating that helps in protecting your wooden surfaces. Along with safety, this also helps in giving a glossy and clear finish to your wooden surface.
Exterior Textures
To save your house from climatic changes, Exterior textures are applied for protection. With the help of these textures, water droplets can't enter from outside, keeping your house safe and secure. The best part is that it lasts for longer time without any other maintenance cost that means it is pocket friendly.

Berger Polyurethane
Want to have flawless wooden surfaces? Have a look, here we are providing high quality of Polyurethane, a hard, solid and versatile coating agent which prevents the scratching and peeling of paints, giving it smooth and flawless surface in reasonable pricing.

Tile Adhesive And Grout
To make tiles stick to walls and keep them secure, we bring Tile Adhesive Grout which is used to cover the gap between tiles, making them fixed to walls properly for longer time. This grout can be stored at dry place and can be further used on requirement.

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